Unlocking the Magic of Goal Setting

I am going to introduce two different methods of goal setting in this post. It isn't to confuse you, but different people are attracted to different approaches, and both of these are highly effective! So pick the one that speaks most to you and go with it. They're similar enough that you can pull concepts from each and be off to a great start on your goal setting journey. The first method gets you off to a fabulous start, and the second gets you diving DEEP into your goals. This one is text-intensive, but stick with me! If you get all the way through, you should be in a good position to dig into your goal setting.

For this post I've picked an example to work through that should be universal enough for anyone to understand and relate. I will use both methods of goal setting and take you through each process so you can see how they work. Then get to it! Have fun planning out your own goals. Because that's just it - Goal setting isn't just picking your goal. Even writing it down isn't enough. You can't stop there. In fact, that's the smallest part of the process. So let's get started!

Example Goal:

Hit XYZ promotion in 2017

goal setting

Method #1 - Goal Setting Pyramid

Another leader in Perfectly Posh shared this on a webinar training January 3rd 2017 and I loved the visual. It varies slightly from what I teach, but I think it's a great, simple tool for people just starting the process of goal setting. Using this pyramid can help visual learners and processors to break down the goal from start to finish.

1. What. What is your goal? What are you hoping to achieve? Write that down and begin there. 

2. Why. Why do you want to achieve this goal? List at least 3 reasons you are motivated to reach your goal, and why it is so important to you.

3.  How. Write out at least 9 action steps you will take to achieve your goal. Be specific and consider what it's going to take to reach that goal you've set.


Hit XYZ Promotion in 2017


  1. We could use the additional income for our family.
  2. I want the freedom of being debt free and to be able to travel.
  3. It would mean that I have a team I'm leading, and I love helping others reach their dreams.


  1. Maintain my personal sales goals each month.
  2. Add 1-3 new teammates every month.
  3. Follow up with clients consistently.
  4. Maintain a monthly team volume of XYZ.
  5. Attend local networking and community events 2 times each month.
  6. Host 4 events each month to share my product/service/opportunity.
  7. Make 20 new contacts each week.
  8. Train my company's leaders each week.
  9. Hire an assistant to handle clerical duties so I can work more with clients and team.

Using this method you can more clearly define your goals and understand what it will take to complete them. It prompts you to really give thought to why you want to accomplish the goal, and then encourages you to think about the actions required to complete it. This is a great resource for goal setting!

Wanna take it one step further?

See those HOW steps? You could even take each of those and break down what those mean a little bit more. How are you going to maintain those personal sales? What are you going to do to add new teammates each month? What does consistent client follow up look like on a daily basis? This is where we go in method #2 and it's why the pyramid is a fabulous starting point to get you thinking. If you're ready to take it one step further, you can!

In no time at all you can take a goal and really get down to business with it.

Now, on to method #2...

goal setting

Method #2 - The 3 Steps to Goal Setting

This approach is taken directly from my Business Planning program where I walk clients step-by-step through the process of developing a business plan for their company.  You can see immediately that it is a little different than previous goal setting techniques with which you may be familiar. Maybe you've heard of SMART goals? I actually teach my clients the art of setting SMART goals, but I do want to note that my Step 1 (dare to WISH) seems to contradict the "attainable" and "realistic" part of the acronym (SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive). How can I teach SMART goals and teach that step 1 of goal setting is to set an outrageous, totally ridiculous goal?

It's simple: I believe all goals, no matter how seemingly impossible, are both attainable and realistic when you understand that you must complete the entire goal setting process.

Sure, the goal of making $250,000 next year might seem impossible to the disabled stay at home mom at first glance! But it isn't. And if we're setting (our version of) "realistic" goals then we will forever be confined to mediocrity.

Who gets to define what is attainable and realistic for you? Only YOU.

So my method pushes your boundaries a little bit and challenges you to dare. Dare to WISH. WISH simply stands for "when intentional, success happens". So dare to get intentional about those big dreams, and watch yourself succeed. No goal is too big when you pursue it vigorously and unceasingly. Not one. 

So with that out of the way, let's dig into my 3 steps to goal setting.

>>Dare to WISH<<

Promote to XYZ in 2017

>>Break it Down<<

  1. Maintain my personal sales goals each month.
    1. Host 3-4 events locally or on Facebook
    2. Share my product/service with 5 new people each day
    3. Attend 1 large community event to promote my business
    4. Maintain an active social media presence
    5. Contact past clients to follow up
  2. Add 1-3 new teammates every month.
    1. Send out 5+ team building packets each week
    2. Follow up with people who have shown interest in the past
    3. Share weekly about opportunity on social media
    4. Host 1 opportunity event each month
    5. Invite 5 VIP customers each week to my event/packet
  3. Follow up with clients consistently.
    1. Call/email/text/message 10 clients per day to check in
    2. Send 10 client postcards each week
    3. Meet with 3 clients each week for coffee/lunch
    4. Go through birthday lists and contact to wish happy birthday each week
    5. Send monthly newsletter and daily updates
  4. Maintain a monthly team volume of XYZ.
    1. Be in continuous contact with team regarding goals and current numbers
    2. Daily check ins/meetings with entire company
    3. One-on-one coaching with 4-5 leaders each month
    4. Create an incentive challenge for team 
    5. Weekly and monthly recognition
  5. Train my company's leaders each week.
    1. Department/Rank calls and meetings weekly
      1. Create a department/rank chat
      2. Plan out calls
      3. Schedule meetings
      4. Contact leaders to rotate who will lead each week
      5. Create related materials for download
    2. Create library of training videos
      1. Set up video space
      2. Write outlines
      3. Schedule recording times
      4. Update youtube channel
      5. Record and Upload
    3. Go live once per week with a 10 minute training
      1. Pick training topic
      2. Schedule time
      3. Set up phone 
      4. Notify participants
      5. Go live and respond to questions afterward
    4. Daily check in with selected leaders
      1. Ask for updates
      2. Share announcements
      3. Create a plan
      4. Go over numbers
      5. Goal setting
    5. Share all company resources, training, and announcements daily
      1. Newsroom
      2. Corporate announcements
      3. Post in company group
      4. Send individual notifications
      5. Check all sources

*Today's action for "Train my company's leaders each week" is: Create YouTube channel so I can begin creating my training library.

>>Get Intentional<<

In this example I only broke down Action #5 for you in its entirety. You would do the same for Actions 1-4. As you can see, you end up with a very thorough action plan for attacking your goals! You will no longer wonder where to start. We all have that struggle at one time or another, so I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I know there are days when I have a mountain of things to get done, but I have no clue where to even begin. Well, when you've written out  your goal plan like this you can go straight to your list and start working! Pick an action step, and start doing the actions you outlined during your goal setting process. It is so satisfying to cross those items off one-by-one. You will quickly learn that goals are not so big and scary once you see them in little, easy-to-do steps.

I may not know where to start with "Train my company's leaders each week" when I'm feeling lost or overwhelmed or scattered that day. But I can go to 5.1.1 and create my rank chat. Or I can go to 5.2.1 and set up my video space, or 5.2.2 and start working on my training outlines. See what I mean? I don't have to do the big thing all at once! I just pick an item on the list that I can do right then, and I go and do it.

When you begin to focus on those little steps and do them intentionally and consistently every day, one day you will look up and realize just how far you've come! 

I know this was a big, huge post with a whole lot of information. I'd be willing to guess most people won't read it completely start to finish, but that's okay! The ones who do will have a great game plan for setting and achieving their goals. If you are reading this, and you've read the whole thing, congratulations! I'm willing to bet that you're ready to make big things happen in your life. Your commitment to learning and growing will be rewarded. The more you get intentional about your business and your life, the more you will see the fruits of that.

There are few things I guarantee, but this goal setting process is one of them. If you get serious about setting goals and creating massive action, you will achieve even the things you once believed to be totally out of reach. The only way you will fail is if you step in half way, or stop acting. Keep working, keep reading, keep learning, keep driving forward and you will succeed. If you read this post and hit a point where you thought "Okay, I'm good to go. I've read enough. I get it," and then skipped to the end? I can't guarantee you much of anything. But if you read it all, soaked it up, took notes, and got serious about your goals? Sky is the limit, friend. I can't wait to see the big, crazy, impossible goals you achieve this year!

I'd love to see your goal setting plans! If you did this, please share with me. It is motivating and inspiring to see others going all in and living their best lives. You've got this!